Patient Seats


Emo Patient-Father Manual Cinema Chair


When you lean on the father's seat, the back and foot sections are opened and closed in two separate positions.You can enjoy comfort with its stylish and ergonomic design.Easy to use, you can relieve all the stress and fatigue of the day.The seat zone is supported by a steel zigzag spring to enhance comfort.Mechanism has 25.000 silent and long-life..


Lisa Patient -Manuel Father Cinema Seat


Tv Resting Father Seat opens and closes with motor controlled motor, you can stop it in the desired position.The massage system has the ability to massage 5 regions in different scenarios by vibrating.There is a heated pet in the session area in our models with massage system.The seat is capable of 360 degrees of rotation around itself.It offers un..


Wendy Patient-Father Motor Seat


XL Large size TV Resting chair can be opened and closed in any position by the help of the buttons on the arm.Session width can be changed between 63 and 70 cm.It is produced to a large extent for overweight users.Thanks to its ergonomic structure, it provides a high level of comfort.Custom color options are available.It has a tilt angle of 145 deg..


Trevo Lift Patient-Motored Father Seat


It is a seat that supports the daily life comfort for the users and their relatives thanks to the twin motor mechanism specially designed for elderly and disabled users.With the stand up feature, the user can stand up from the seat without help from another person.With dual motor technology, you can move the foot section or the back section indepen..


Vito Patient-Motorized Father Seat


It is a seat that supports the daily life comfort of the users and their relatives thanks to the twin motor mechanism specially designed for elderly and disabled users.The massage system works with vibrations and can massage in 5 different parts of the body in 10 different options.The delivery system can be activated in the session area when the ma..

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Patient Seats FİYATLARI

Motor, controlled, mechanism, mobile, massage and many other features together with each seat produced elegance within the Teknokonfor, many models including seat comfort, elegance, health and modernity adds. Teknokonfor designs seats for you in many types and models, performs production and sales in the most reliable way and provides the installation with the fastest delivery way, and offers its own production seats online through the website. In Teknokonfor seats, where customer satisfaction is always kept in the forefront, it is possible to make improvements in accordance with customer feedback within the custom designed seats.


The most important thing to consider when choosing a seat is functionality , Teknokonfor patient chairs, which offer usage and functionality, feature massage engine and lift mechanism waiting for you at TeknoKonfor Masko. Teknokonfor patient chairs, at the same time for the diseased users which have a mode to help the patient to stand up , are preferred seat models. Teknokonfor patient seats, which provide ease of use and increase the quality of life for the elderly and sick users, are designed for them and provide them with ease of use in this respect. There are many reasons why you should choose Teknokonfor patient seats that are suitable for all customer groups with an affordable price.


Teknokonfor patient seats with 4 buttons on the remote control can be controlled separately from the foot and back. At the same time, Teknokonfor patient seats with 180 ° angle of inclination are produced in a wide range. The seat structure, which does not contain cosmic harmful substances, supports your spine and posture.


Teknokonfor patient chairs which are specially designed for each user are produced with three types of fabric. Seats are sewn with cracked fabric, nubuck fabric and normal fabrics. White, coffee, green, burgundy, jeri coffee, mustard, nubuck green and coffee tones with color options to fit your home decoration easily and does not disturb aesthetics.