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Doctor-Recommended Design

Our products are developed with input from ergo therapists and physical therapy experts. Comfort, design, and mechanisms in our products adhere to your doctor's recommendations. We can custom-design your chair.

Lifting System

Our special lift system allows young or elderly users with mobility or back problems to easily sit down and stand up from the chair. Adjust the incline of the stand-up and backrest to your preference.

Gravity Balancing

Zero Gravity is a relaxation method that minimizes the gravitational force on the body. Our specially developed mechanism reduces gravitational pressure in the reclining position for comfortable relaxation.

Luxurious Comfort

We offer the most comfortable chairs with quality design, mechanisms, fabric-leather, and craftsmanship. Sitting in TeknoKonfor chairs, you'll notice the luxury and comfort. Your comfort is our priority. Visit our Masko store to test our products.


Being active is the desire of our skeletal and muscular systems. The real enemy of our bodies and lives is monotony.

Thus, we should sit less and do so in a healthy way. TeknoKonfor supports you with sophisticated technology and a wide range of products.

TeknoKonfor products are meticulously produced in Istanbul. You can watch our video to see how we do this.

What can our chairs do for you? Watch our video to find out.

You can see how we do this in our video.

Our chairs, what do they do for you? You can learn by watching our video.


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Your body works hard for you all day. Therefore, it's essential to provide it with the necessary rest from time to time. Our reclining chairs support your body in three critical areas: your neck, shoulders, and lower back. They aim to relieve as much vertical pressure from your body as possible. Choose our products not just for their appearance but because they fit your body perfectly. The right support makes a world of difference!




When you're older or have physical problems, getting up from standard seats can become more difficult. That's why we, as Teknokonfor, designed medical chairs that are suitable for patients' needs. These chairs are especially suitable for the elderly and people with back problems, osteoporosis, rheumatism, or knee joint problems. In this way, falls with unpredictable consequences are also successfully mitigated. It makes it easier to get up from the seat with the push of a button.



Comfort and luxury are two sides of the same coin, and our seats offer comfort and luxury at the same time. Top quality mechanisms, reliable durable motors, ergonomic designs and customizable finishes come together in a seat that is superior in every respect. Our seats enhance the quality of your luxury home theater with unmatched comfort.

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  1. Correct Seat Height: Your feet should be on the ground when in a sitting position.

  2. Back Height and Neck Support: The right back height and a personalized neck pillow are important for proper neck support.

  3. Special Patented Incline Adjustment: Adjustment movements should follow the body’s natural biomechanical pivots.

  4. Lumbar Support: Lumbar support provides extra support in the correct area for your lower back.

  5. Footrest: To avoid compressing the Achilles tendon, feet should not hang off the footrest.

  6. Heart Balance: In this position, your feet are higher than your heart, which is healthy for your feet, legs, and back.


Raising your legs while resting helps blood return to the heart with the aid of gravity. In the heart balance position, your legs are above your hips, which improves blood flow to your heart. This relaxes the heart and supports circulation. Additionally, this position positively affects swollen legs and allows for the renewal of intervertebral discs since the spine is maintained in its natural S-shape.

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The AGR Association, active in Germany, conducts a campaign for healthy backs and provides information on the correct way to sit.

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A few years ago, the medical director of a famous clinic in Arizona made a fuss, saying, "Sitting is as bad as smoking." He claimed that sitting is more deadly than smoking, HIV, and more dangerous than skydiving. In fact, many scientific studies say he's right. What about forcing those with limited mobility to sit for hours? Modern, resting and height-adjustable chairs, customized by Teknokonfor, not only make you comfortable while sitting, but also motivate users to be more mobile.

When purchasing an adjustable seat, it is very important that the adjustment movements follow the body's natural biomechanical pivots. It is important to adjust the leg support, correct relaxation settings and standing motion. An ergonomic seat is a custom-made seat and always has the right ergonomic adjustment movements.

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Sitting incorrectly can cause all sorts of physical complaints. As an example to these complaints; back complaints, muscle aches and joint pains, nerve or vessel entrapment, skin and tissue irritations, digestive problems and even breathing difficulties. Also sitting incorrectly (unproperly); makes it difficult to get out of the seat in seats with a large depth, which increases the risk of falling. Therefore, it is very important to take care of a healthy sitting position.

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Our products are meticulously crafted by a 15-member team in Istanbul's Başakşehir region.

The term 'comfort' refers to all aspects of ease that simplify our daily lives.

At TeknoKonfor, we aim to elevate the comfort in your daily life to the highest level through technological mechanisms.

Our products are designed to achieve excellence in pressure distribution, ergonomics, flexibility, and posture support.


We advocate that there is no single perfect posture or sitting position. People should continuously change their postures and sitting positions, and these changes should be as comfortable as possible.

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